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The bathroom can always be a dangerous place for changing electrics due to the running water so it is always safer to get a professional to do it. A&T can save you time and keep yo safe but doing any electrical works in the bathroom ensuring a perfect finish each and every time!


Consumer Unit Upgrades

As technology advances in your home so does the technology used to power your home. Upgrading your fuse box is recommenced not only for safety but also so you can power all the things necessary in your home without any issues.



A&T can provide electrical installations for your newly built or existing extensions. From re-wiring or to just adding in a brand new light we can help you get the power you need.


Loft Conversions

Now you have made use of the extra space in your loft it can sometime be a little dark in places up there. Why not get A&T to help to install some new lights so you can enjoy your brand new space at all times.


Partial or Full Rewires

Rewiring you home can be a major task and can be quite a difficult job to take on. Our full qualified electricians are experienced in re-wiring properties so can take the stress away from you and make the task at hand hassle free!


Testing and Certification

A&T can test and certify all electrical products and outlets in your household to ensure you home is as safe as can be giving you peace of mind and comfort.

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